Recover Lost Sales

So recently we had a client website that was a bit on the slow side in sales. To top it off the store was closed for about 10 days as the team went on vacation. So I set myself to see if I can somehow try and get them more sales before the month ends. They already have a coupon they give out, but not everyone knows about. Right now when someone places an order they get added to a mailing list and that coupon is sent out immediately they place the order so they can have an incentive to place the next order. But what about the ones who have never placed the order and don’t know about the coupon?

Enter the exit intent pop up. In this case we will only target the people who added items into their shopping cart and got to the checkout page, but not complete the order. Once the website senses the person will exit out of it. It will display a pop up offering the user an incentive to complete the order. See below for an example. We gave the user 2 options to get the discount. We put the coupon code in there, and we also made it easy for them so they don’t have to type the code in. We created a link with the coupon. Once they click on Apply Coupon it will automatically add the discount code into the checkout page and the discount will be reflected in their online order.

Pop up offer


How has that translated into sales. Below is the graph showing the impression vs conversion. We added the pop up on July 25th, so it has only been a few days now, but the conversions have been pretty amazing. 6 out of 8 people claimed the coupon. This means if we didn’t have implemented this exit intent pop up offer that would’ve been no revenue for the store as customers once they leave will either forget or were just browsing around or never intended to make a purchase. Now we nudged them to take action and go through with the order instead of leaving or going to another website to order food over there.



Now, this has only been a few days. I guess time will tell how well this tactic will work. For now it has been working great in the first few days. As always, track and test and go with what works best for you. Are you using pop ups or coupons in your website? How are they working for you? Sound off in the comments, I would love to hear your results so far. I’ll catch you all in the next one.

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