How to get more reviews for your pizzeria

One of the most overlooked things for pizza shop owners is getting reviews. They often forget to follow up after a customer buys from them or simply don’t have a follow up system in place or simply don’t care about reviews. Well, let me tell you something. They are that important today more than ever. People lookup online reviews before visiting or ordering from a restaurant. So if your reviews are not good or below average don’t expect much. You need to be on top of your online game or your competition will be. Today I’m going to show you…

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Recover Lost Sales

So recently we had a client website that was a bit on the slow side in sales. To top it off the store was closed for about 10 days as the team went on vacation. So I set myself to see if I can somehow try and get them more sales before the month ends. They already have a coupon they give out, but not everyone knows about. Right now when someone places an order they get added to a mailing list and that coupon is sent out immediately they place the order so they can have an incentive to…

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